Support - for You


There’s always going to be an occasion when a visit is needed;  whether it be at home or at the office.

This will usually be because something needs changing, or perhaps trouble-shooting at the place of the PC / laptop / network that you work with.

We try to keep disruption to minimum, and get everything back up and running as soon as is possible !

Office - mine !!

Lots of jobs that we do for clients . . . we do at my office !
– generally they are yearly check-ups, but often if there is trouble-shooting involved, and processes need to run for a while … then the job is done at my office.

Also with clients busy at work during the day, we’ll ask that the unit be dropped off to us – by arrangement, and out of hours – and then can be picked up when the job is completed.


We provide a remote support option that most of our clients take up.
– it enables us to work from our office, as though we were sitting in front of your machine.

As you can imagine, this is especially helpful if you have an emergency that needs dealing with as soon as is possible … or something that just needs to be done.

Often these are little quick fixes or ‘how to do that – when this happens we stick the time spent “on the slate” / create a tab, and allow it to accrue.