Designed - for you

Here are some of the Services that we offer

  • telephone support
    remote support
    emergency support
    on-site visits :  business & home
  • system health checks  (shc)
    yearly checkups
    updates of system & software
    hardware checks
  • data retrieval
    – from systems that won’t boot up / won’t start
    – from corrupted systems
  • backups
    – setup of backups
    – remote monitoring
  • internet connections
    – wired & wireless
  • security for your systems
    – security checks
    – preventative action
  • system recovery
    – setup & management of
  • badly infected systems
    – cleaned and repaired
  • check on systems
    – where client has been scammed / potentially hacked
  • trouble-shooting
    – this covers items that generally need technical research to find
       the cause of the problem and then provide a solution
  • more further down …

Website Hosting

The websites we host, are with a highly professional company enabling us to give you  competitive prices. Additional facilities (like secure email), come as part of the package.

Website Design

A recent addition to the services that we provide;  bringing more in what we offer, that will help you to increase the profile of your company on the web.