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Prosphero has been an integral part of our business for over 20 years providing an excellent standard of IT support. Andrew has been on hand to provide advice and guidance as our business has expanded. He is also extremely quick to respond to emergencies. He has been especially helpful in providing us with back up solutions, virus protection, data protection, recommendations and installation for new hardware with regular health checks and maintenance of software, internet and phone issues.

The advanced software we use for analysis and design is always developing . . .
Andrew’s advice and knowledge has enabled us to make sound decisions when making hardware purchases and helped us to run in the most cost efficient way possible.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Prosphero for all your IT needs and requirements.

I am delighted to recommend Andrew of Prosphero Support. Andrew is a consummate solution finder, happy to advise on the smallest challenges as well as successfully navigate the most complex of obstacles.

Always up to date and well researched Andrew has been our trusted guide over many years keeping us up to date as well as up and running. He finds economical ways to keep costs low, e.g. by encouraging and enabling a transition from Microsoft to Linux, and early on adopting remote support technology.

Best of all Andrew is unremittingly calm and cheerful; just what’s needed when the technology on which we are so dependent lets us down.

Helen Campbell-MacDonald

After a computer crash during a Windows 10 update, I ended up having to reinstall the operating system and restore everything from scratch. I have a huge amount of data and happen to use Microsoft Outlook 2010 for my mail. To cut a long story short, all the ‘important’ mail was saved neatly in folders; with the crash all these folders ‘disappeared’. I spoke with everybody I knew for possible solutions, trawled help forums on the internet etc. to no avail. Microsoft advised contacting a local techie. I then went to a computer shop in the hope that a specialist might be able to retrieve the data . I was disappointed with their verdict: that the files had gone missing (presumed not ‘saved’ properly) or it could be they got corrupted. It was suggested I bite the bullet, accept the loss and give up.

Part of me was ready to do so but another part really didn’t believe they could just disappear like that. I reached out to the ‘Nextdoor’ online community for a ‘magician’ of sorts and Andrew Craner was recommended to me. I found Andrew very easy to relate to; he communicates very clearly where other technicians would obfuscate. He quickly identified some negative issues with my current set-up, advised on solutions, and showed me a tool that would repair files in Outlook. I was overjoyed to suddenly find the lost files miraculously restored! Result!

I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew’s service (I even learnt that Prosphero means ‘service’ in Greek) and will make him my first port of call for any future computer nightmares.

Client comments ...

Jim & Gil M.

Thanking you for your visit yesterday.  Printer is now behaving and the vertical mouse is a revelation !

Penny De R.

Penny De R.

When I switched my computer on this morning, there were updates … now I cannot get into Firefox.
– let me connect up, and take a look …
– it was unbelievable to watch, I don’t know how you do it!

Barbara C.

Don’t know what I’d do without your help

Liz N.

Thank you for installing my new system and I must add that its speed is a vast improvement.